What’s with this website?

We live in a culture of oversharing- that is, we tend to indiscriminately share everything through the internet specifically, through various blogs and social media websites. With an estimated 1.73 billion social media users in the world (one in every four person in the world) it is easy for things to go viral, not to say, sensational. Nowadays, the word “trending” is associated more to Twitter than anything else. Popular and weird news can go trending easily as a complex chain of shared information is built by sharing content through the internet.

Just as things can become viral in an instant, it is not that easy to sift through all the information being shared every now and then. I created this website with the intention of sifting through various resources and collecting equally interesting and weird news and other stuff which one might aptly describe as “overrated”. One might ask what makes a news overrated. When ones overestimates the value or the importance of a piece of news, then that’s when it becomes overrated.

This website doesn’t intend to make a sensation over an overrated piece of popular, interesting or weird news. After all, they’re called overrated because they received too much attention then what they really deserve. Instead, this website will serve as a portal where one can pick a weird news or two. Whether you look at my intention into putting up this website as a way to fuel the culture of sensationalism that is already pervasive is up to you.

From trending topics and viral videos to newsworthy selections about celebrities, humor and a lot of other stuff, visitors will definitely enjoy looking through this website full or weird news! Feel free to browse through the available categories and discover a lot of new and weird things. My name is Vineet Ansari and I welcome you to NEWS/I/18, your all-in-one source of totally overrated and weird news!